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Secure Instant Messaging: What a Relief!

With the increasingly fast pace of the business world, secure instant messaging is a must. Instant messaging allows for real-time communication without the hassle of phone tag or arranging meetings around everyone’s busy schedule.

Unfortunately, there are lots of ways hackers can use IM to attack computers. Instant messages can carry viruses and worms. And since public instant messengers aren’t encrypted, hackers can use sniffers to find and view IM conversations and logs. They can also use Trojan horse programs to gain access to information on computers. The best way to keep hackers out is to use an enterprise instant messenger.

Enterprise instant messengers allow for secure instant messaging by encrypting all communications and saved message logs. They also prevent the infection of viruses by only allowing a specified list of people to use the messenger.

For those who think IM is only text messaging on the computer, you will be pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of enterprise instant messaging. Knowing your information is secure, you can collaborate with other employees, partners, and clients in lots of ways. Some enterprise instant messengers have a white board which lets both users draw on a page at the same time. They also have the ability for users to view the same screen with the click of a single button; with this feature both users can browse the web together and have a conversation about it because they know what the other person is seeing. Knowing that they have secure instant messaging, users can also send large files to one another.

You wouldn’t want such detailed communication within a business without secure instant messaging. So avoid those instant messengers that aren’t secure and opt for a secure one. You’ll be glad you did!